Application Form


Membership Application

To enroll, print this page and complete  the form. Then mail it with your check (payable to Chicago Memorial Association) to the address below.

[__] Individual Membership: $30.

[__] Family Membership includes spouse/partner and children under 18: $40.

[__] Transfer Membership from a group in another city: $15.

[__] Enclosed is an additional $_______ contribution to the CMA to help support its consumer education programs.

Please print legibly. List full names for all adults and ages for children under 18.







E-mail Address_____________________________

How did you find out about the CMA? ____________________________________________

[__] Please mail a copy of the CMA brochure to:__________________________________________



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6 thoughts on “Application Form

  1. I’m mailing in my individual membership application today. I’m interested in contacting a funeral director regarding direct burial in Rosehill Cemetery.

  2. my printer is not working it possible to send me a membership application for my wife and i ?? ron cervenka 111 acacia drive unit 103 ,indianhead park , illinois 60525 …..thank you

  3. If a person has arrangements with the Chicago Memorial Association, do you post an obituary? (or a death notice…..something that people from out of state could access & see?)

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