How you benefit from CMA membership…


You get advice from a group of knowledgeable volunteers who are not in the business of selling funeral services.


You learn about dignified alternatives to excessive funeral displays.


You become an educated consumer, by learning how to avoid unnecessary expenses. You can use this knowledge to help your family and others.


You can take advantage of member-only pricing to save your estate money.

Peace of Mind

You are given the opportunity to discuss an important topic with family and friends while you are still healthy.


You leave behind a final gift… sparing your next of kin the stress of making difficult decisions during a time of grief.

Did You Know?

Most individuals never share their funeral or burial wishes with their family members. Chicago Memorial Association members receive planning forms to help them communicate this information, sparing relatives from difficult, expensive decisions.

Embalming and fancy caskets are not required for cremation or burial. Chicago Memorial Association members avoid unnecessary procedures and expenses by pre-planning.

When a body is not displayed, memorial services can be held almost anywhere. Chicago Memorial Association members learn about various options such as community halls, churches, and synagogues. A loved one can also be remembered through the planting of a tree in a local park.

Funeral prices continue to rise, in part due to the buy-out of independent funeral homes by large corporations. Our national organization, Funeral Consumers Alliance (FCA), monitors the funeral industry and serves as an advocate for needed reforms.

Enjoy the benefits of CMA membership. 

Complete the  Membership Application and mail it today.

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3 thoughts on “Benefits

  1. I was wondering if the membership fee includes only certain places for cremation/burial/funeral services or will any place accept the discounted charges?

    1. The one-time membership fee entitles members to a discounted rate at our participating funeral directors. At the present time, we have only one participating funeral director who services the counties of Cook, DuPage, Lake, McHenry, Kane and Will in Illinois.

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