Member pricing for mortuary services

Listed below are current prices as of Deecember 2018 that reflect some increases from our previously published information. Services are considerably less costly than those charged by most Chicago area funeral homes. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Direct Cremation

Includes removal of the body from place of death, cremation permit, and transportation to the crematory and cremation; remains are available for pick-up if desired. (Does not include cemetery costs, if interment is desired.):

        • Inpatient death in a Chicago hospital: $1,100
        • All other deaths in Chicago and the six counties (Cook, DuPage, Lake $1200), (Kane, Will and McHenry $1500)
        • Ashes needed 24 hours from cremation date add $500
        • Delivery of Ashes add $ 100
        • Memorialized Scattering add $ 600
      • Scattering of Cremains add $ 175.

Immediate Burial

Includes removal of the body from the place of death, placement in a simple casket, and transportation of the body to a cemetery in the Chicago metropolitan area. (Does not include preparation or embalming of the body, or cemetery costs such as the cost of the plot, the vault, or opening and closing of the grave):

          • $2700 Includes removal of remains, casket, transfer to cemetery, professional fees
        • $300 for Graveside Service

Simple Standard Funeral at Cooperating Provider’s Facility

With services ending at the funeral home $3,275. Includes removal of remains, casket (closed), and transfer to cemetery. This fee does not include cemetery charges.

          • Add $400 for procession
        • Add $600 for open casket-viewing.

All plans include the necessary paperwork but do not include cremation urns or copies of death certificate.

          • Other services, such as death certificates and filing of obituaries are available at an extra charge but can also be done by the family
          • Families can order cremation urns or different caskets from the provider at an additional expense.
        • In some cases, the provider can arrange to have the service take place at a religious institution or other facility closer to the home of the deceased. The charge for this service varies.

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